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Global Power Partners LLC  is a Manufacturer's Representative of electrical products in the U.S.  We bring over 40+ years of combined sales and marketing experience in the electrical equipment industry.  Our primary clients in the U.S. include electric utility companies, power plants and large industrial manufacturing firms. 

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Moser-Glaser, Switzerland - A global manufacturer of insulated busbar, wall bushings and power transformer bushings. 

Busbars, are an alternative to parallel-connected cables. Typical applications for these products are in distribution and transmission substations,  power plants, switchgear to transformer connections, high rise office buildings, large manufacturing plants, etc.

Used quite extensively for switchgear to switchgear/transformer interconnections, busbar may be used as a direct, one-for-one replacement of traditional segregated or non-segregated bus duct.  Busbar offers several unique advantages over these systems, including:
  • Modular, lightweight design resulting in substantially reduced installation cost.
  • High current, high voltage, fully-insulated design offers a unique solution where limited space or complex routing is required.
  • Fully insulated characteristics provide enhanced safety to operators/technicians that are required to enter spaces and work around the equipment.
  • Custom designed to specific requirements of the installation, resulting in reduced civil engineering and/or site modifications.  Phase crossings are easily made.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.
  • No need for ventilation or heaters.
MGC Moser-Glaser busbars are presently offered in three designs - Duresca, Tiresca and Gaslink busbars:

The Duresca busbars are fully insulated for voltages up to 170 KV and a maximum current of 7500 amps, and can be used for generator busbar, transformer or switchgear connections.

The Tiresca busbars are partially insulated for voltages up to 36 KV and a maximum of 3800 amps. This busbar system can be used for power stations, substations or switchgear applications.

The Gaslink is a SF6 insulated busbar rated for 40.5 KV and 3150 amps.  The Gaslink can be used for connections between SF6 equipment, between SF6 equipment and non SF6 equipment such as transformers and connections between SF6 equipment and cables.

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