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Heat Exchangers/Coolers
Global Power Partners LLC offers innovative solutions aimed at optimizing heat transfer technologies      

Double Tube Safety Heat Exchangers

  • Dramatically increase cooling efficiency
  • Reduce cleaning and maintenance requirements
  • Prevent unplanned transformer outages due to leaks or heat exchanger fouling

Double tube safety heat exchangers feature two tube sheets, each arranged at opposite ends of the tube shell.  If the oil side tube wall (inner tube) becomes leaky, the oil ingresses through fine cannulas into the leakage spaces arranged between where the two tubes fit together, causing an alarm signal to be transmitted.  The same principle applies should the outer tube become leaky.  In this case, the cooling water flowing in the tube bundle shell ingresses in the same leakage space between the two tubes, which also causes an alarm to transmit.

However, through the intact wall, the oil and cooling water will remain separated, thus allowing the unit to continue operating.  This avoids expensive downtimes and allows the plant to continue operating until the next scheduled maintenance routine.

These exchangers can be designed and built in any desired shell, compartment and sealing configuration.

Water Oil Cooler

  • Three material combinations for tubes and fins
  • Standard seried with individual solutions
  • Compact designs mean more performance in smaller space
  • Welded tubes and chambers
  • Aerodynamic core tubes with high thermal efficiency
  • High mechanical rigidity
  • Low noise level - as low as 45 dB(A) achievable


Air Oil Cooler
  • Dramatically increases cooling efficiency
  • Greatly reduces cleaning and maintenance
  • Capacities range from approx 60 KW to 2,500 KW
  • Galvanized steel elliptical fin tubes
  • Sound-insulated and non-sound insulated designs