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Transformers designed for forced oil circulation require reliable, glandless transformer oil pumps.  We off a large range of such pumps which customers can choose a type that suits their specific requirements and ensures optimum operating conditions.

Thanks to their compact, closed design, the pumps can be directly integrated into the cooling circuit, in which case the arrangement with free oil flow-impeding elements (e.g. cooler) on the pump delivery side is called for.

Four pump designs are available for different requirements:
  • Axial pumps (in-line) with radial propellers
  • Axial pumps (in-line) with propeller-type impellers
  • Angle-type pumps with radial propellers
  • Locomotive pumps with radial propellers
All our glandless oil circulation pumps are of simple, straightforward design and robust construction.  They feature a split casing which houses the motor and rotor/impeller assembly.  Apart from the double-sealed terminal lead-through, the pump casing has a maximum of two seals.

The pumps can be mounted in any position.

The motor and the bearings are flushed with the fluid, which eliminates all servicing problems in terms of cooling and lubrication.
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Transformer Oil Circulation Pumps