Bullseye Products/QuickPatch

A one-of-a-kind unique product, Quick Patch comes out of the package as pliable as a Band-Aid. Ten minutes later with UV light it transforms into a hard patch that you can sand, paint or drill. The many uses you’ll find for this patch will save you time and money on many of your normally costly equipment repairs and fixes.

Quick Patch can be used on almost any hard surface such as piping, glass, ceramics, concrete, fiberglass, metal, wood, polyethylene and more. When using Quick Patch outdoors the sun cures the patch, indoors you’ll need a UV flashlight. Quick Patch cures rock hard, resistant against many chemicals, solvents and oils, is rot-proof, waterproof and is also impact resistant.

  1. Surface should be cleaned, dry and free of any contaminates. Cut Quick Patch into any size you want, without exposing to UV / Sunlight. Place remaining material back in protective bag.
  2. Remove white backing tape to expose the sticky resin. Apply Quick Patch to repair area with sticky side down and press firmly.
  3. Apply patch then remove transparent film backing on the other side after application and expose to UV or Sunlight. Curing time depends on UV intensity, between 5 minutes (sunny) and 50 minutes (cloudy) or use a UV light indoors with a minimum of 51 lumens.


  • Easy application – just cut, peel and stick
  • Flexible and Waterproof
  • Weather and UV Resistant
  • Temperature Resistant from -40°C to 200°C
  • Extremely durable reinforced polyester/plastic
  • Bonds to all hard surfaces except Polypropylene (PP)
  • Can be drilled, tapped, sanded and painted in less than an hour
  • No shrinkage or expansion during the application or after curing
  • Fast curing (starting at 5 minutes depending on UV intensity)
  • Curing Mechanism: Ultra Violet (UV), Natural or UV Lamp
  • Fire rating Class 1
  • Dielectric strength 9 kV/mm, Arc resistance > 180 sec., Tracking resistance > 600 V and Insulation resistance 10 to the power of 13 ohms