Insulated Busbar & Wall Bushings

Moser-Glaser Busbars

An alternative to parallel-connected cables, the busbar product group comprises a program of fully insulated bus systems of up to 245 kV and 8 kA.

The DURESCA process is also considered to be a pioneer accomplishment in the field of solid insulation and is the product of 40 years of experience. Over the years, DURESCA has been adapted to the needs of modern energy technology. DURESCA solves space problems and is regarded as being especially safe and reliable. In 1990, the GASLINK SF6 bus system was developed by MGC in collaboration with a major customer to meet market demands and was approved for the market as an auxiliary product to the proven DURESCA busbars. MGC offers extensive consultation for both systems, modern engineering and works testing. Assembly and start up, performed by MGC experts, is recommended. Products are manufactured by MGC Moser-Glaser (Switzerland) and sold by Global Power Partners LLC.  Products and their applications include:

Duresca – 12kV to 245kV, and up to 10000A applications, insulated bus bar meant for switch-gear and transformer applications both indoor and outdoor. Ideally suited for climate challenged applications (marine or coastal systems, humid conditions, cold climates or contaminated conditions). With full insulation and ground protection surface, the reliability and safety of the bus bar format is improved, along with the ability to decrease size of the installations. Also allows the high voltage bus to be taken through walls and other barriers where fully insulated bus would provide advantages-thus reducing installation expense by eliminating the expense of wall bushings or insulators.  Many uses of the design found in the following  applications – Generating Stations, Medium and High Voltage Substations, On Board Ship Electrical Systems.


  • Solid, separately isolated phase bus, fully grounded for personal safety
  • Safe service connections, even in high ambient humidity
  • Partial discharge free operation
  • Compact dimensions, tight bend radii
  • Link between SF6 insulated and oil insulated equipment
  • Suitable for complete outdoor installation
  • Custom engineered for each individual installation
  • Operation by ambient temperature down to -40 degrees C (-50 degrees upon request)
  • No gas over pressure in the outdoor silicone rubber eliminates explosion danger
  • Ability to match with all types of GIS equipment
  • Factory tested
  • Easy installation

Moser-Glaser Wall Bushings

Up to 245kV fully insulated resin impregnated molded and silicone rubber insulator Outdoor-Indoor bushings for applications for transformers, generation facilities, station mounted.
The DURESCA© wall bushings have a dry insulation of RIP (Resin Impregnated Paper). The insulation lays directly on the conductor or tube and consists of wrapped paper direct under vacuum impregnated with epoxy resin. Conductive grading layers are embedded during the wrapping in the insulation for the best field control. This guarantees the highest operational and human safety.

The DURESCA© wall bushings are available in two designs:

Type DEM – available with a diameter of Dfl of the flange up to 170 mm. The insulated body is covered with a high-quality corrugated protection tube in polyamide.

Type DM – used with a diameter Dfl with more than 170 mm. The insulation body is covered with a high quality varnish.

The TRAVESCA© transformer main features:

  • Highest operational safety and lifetime guarantee through high grade condensor RIP insulation
  • Partial discharges free operation
  • Compact, lightweight design through use of silicone rubber insulator
  • Earthquake and explosion resistant
  • Pollution resistant
  • Maintenance free
  • Factory tested according to IEC 60 137