Radiator Valves, Oil Pumps & Fans

Transformer Radiator Valves

  • Butterfly valves for Radiators and Coolers
  • Round and Square valves
  • Bolt on type and weld on type
  • Metal-Metal type and O-ring type

Transformer Oil Pumps

  • Axial pumps (in-line) with radial propellers
  • Axial pumps (in-line) with propeller-type impellers
  • Angle-type pumps with radial propellers
  • Locomotive pumps with radial propellers

Transformer Fans

  • Available in a wide range of diameters
  • Low noise level
  • Tubular with Guard type & Guard evolving type
  • Galvanized or ANSI 70 epoxy paint
  • Ideal for horizontal or vertical flow
  • Aluminum or polymer blades